1960 start with HERMANN HALD BAUMASCHINEN, Stuttgarts at the import department with HOMELITE water pumps and chain-saws. Increasing with BLAW - KNOX asphalt pavers, FERGUSON rubber - tired rollers, TROXLER nuclear test devices, all fitting to WIBAU - Asphalt - Plant agency.

1964 Director sales.

1965 changing to VÖGELE -pravers an TROJAN loaders. Also FRISCH - motorgraders and loaders and totally new for Germany: SPRECTRA - Laser equipment.

Private some high - performance sport like bicycle race and rowing with RV Esslingen.
1967 founding parachuting department at AERO - Club Stuttgart.

1972 winner accuracy at PARA - SKI championships.
1974 World Cup South Africa and GERMAN CHAMPION with team WALTERS - VÖGEL.
1975 Third place World championships WARENDORF.

25 Years conference director parachuting at BWLV and from year 2000 honorary member at Baden - Württ. - Luftfahrt -Verband.

1973 self -employed with priority on concrete slabs.
1976 start with GOMACO. Patents for Dowel-bar and Tie - bar inserter, dowel - loading - trolleys, and SUPER - SMOOTHER. Licence to WIRTGEN. Representing GERMANY at PIARC with Professor Ernst Neußner from German government. Strong influence on development at GOMACO:

- First GOMACO four track paver for 50 feet to GERMANY
- First GOMACO four track paver with swing - legs to SWITZERLAND

Import ARAN pug - mills from Austria with great success and ARAN 350 YE for 240 cbm / h was manufactured together with MILKEBAU under licence in Germany.

The precision of placing concrete with GOMACO pavers was improved by the idea of WEISS, Crailsheim, to use LEICA total - stations and the development of string - less paving by LEICA, Herburgg / Switzerland.

Parallel to the developments in concrete together with technicans of STRABAG AG, Cologne, the FRÄSBRECHER was built, patended and under the name THOMA FRÄSBRECHER registered at the German patent office.

The perfect production of RAP lead to a co - operation with ASTEC Industries Chattanooga, USA and the DOUBLE BARREL mixer, with can use up to 60% RAP and only burning 4,5 litre of oil per ton of bitumen - mix. Reducing coast even more may only be possible with coal - dust muffle - burners.

THOMA WERKSVERTRETUNGEN BAUMASCHINEN mainly works with future - technologies. It takes years to etablish in the market but becomes a matter of course to reduce cost and increase profits.

Gary L. Godbersen, CEO GOMACO hunting at Eisenwurzen / Austria.

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